What Is Flexible Working?


What is flexible working?

Flexible Working Is About Where, When And How Much You Work

Demand for flexible working is huge. Flexibility Works estimates that 83% of Scotland’s workforce either has or wants flexibility at work. 90% of people in Scotland say their quality of life is better with flexible working.

Flexible workplaces are becoming the norm. Employees with and without caring responsibilities expect flexibility from employers today. And for employers, it’s the smart move. Helping improve business performance and resilience and ensuring employees feel valued and motivated.

Working flexibly also directly addresses many barriers that people have to employment and career progression.

What We Can Help With

Flexible working is more than just working from home. There are many different types of flex, including part-time hours, compressed hours, job sharing, shift swaps, annualised hours, term-time working and small adjustments to start and finish times. Flexibility Works can help you find the best flexible working solutions for your organisation.

Flexible working can help with:

Business continuity
Retention & progression
Inclusion & diversity
Gender pay gap
Flexible Working Experts Scotland

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