Supporting Line Managers Make a Success of Flexible Working

Who is this aimed at:
The workshop is designed for anyone who is leading / managing a team.

What is the objective of this training:
The purpose of this workshop is to give your people managers an opportunity to explore, with peers, what your organisations approach to flexible working means for them as managers as they manage and lead their teams day to day. The workshop will be interactive and there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the key themes and questions that emerge when talking about flexible working. We hope managers leave the workshop feeling positive and confident about flexible working as well as empowered to realise their role in creating a flexible working culture.

Participants will gain practical tools that can be used in the workplace, increased knowledge and skills on how to lead in a flexible working environment.

What is the time commitment:
This is a one off half day workshop (3 hours).

What format is this training delivered in:
Delivery can be in-person or online.  The participants will have access to additional online learning materials to supplement the workshop.

What organisations is this training for?
This training is for any organisation that has regards itself as highly flexible and wants to support your line managers to confidently embrace your organisation’s vision for flexible working. It is a highly practical peer to peer session.

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