Successfully Embedding Hybrid Working

Who is this aimed at:
We have two training programmes – one designed for managers/leaders and one for employees. Your organisation can take part in either individual programme or both.

What is the objective of this training:

The training will support your organisation to build on what has been learned during the pandemic and successfully embed a long-term shift in how you work through greater flexible and hybrid working. To successfully transition permanently to a more flexible and hybrid working culture, we need to support and encourage behavioural change in workplaces. Our training programme designed for line managers will help them to successfully embed hybrid working in their team. The programme for employees will give them the tools and skills needed to work well and stay healthy and connected in a hybrid working environment.

This training is designed to support behavioural change within the workplace. Participants will gain practical tools that can be used in the workplace, increased knowledge and skills on how to lead a hybrid team or be an effective member of a hybrid team

What is the time commitment:

Each training programme comprises of 8 workshops totally 20 hours of live interactive training delivered by one of our experts.  Each workshop is 2.5 hours in length, these can be delivered over 2 full days and 4 half days, 8 half days – whatever is the best fit for your organisation.

What format is this training delivered in:

Delivery will ideally be a blend of in-person and online, we can discuss the best approach for you and your organisation. There will be space between each workshop to enable the participants to embed learning and reflect on content. The participants will have access to additional online learning materials to supplement the workshops and the themes that are covered.

What organisations is this training for?

This training is for any organisation that has made the decision to transition to hybrid working and wants to give your managers and people support and practical tools to successfully embed hybrid working. The people manager programme is specifically designed for anyone who is leading / managing a team. The employee programme is designed for employees working in a variety of roles and at different levels within the organisation.

What topics are included in this training:

Working in a hybrid team
Connection / collaboration
Diversity and inclusion when hybrid
Communication in a hybrid environment
Wellbeing / Resilience in a hybrid working environment
Organisational culture in a hybrid world
Motivation in a hybrid working environment

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