“Flexibility Works brought their knowledge and experience of assisting organisations who want to think differently about work, its relationship to employees lives and their wellbeing. Flexibility Works facilitated a whole organisation conversation to gather an insight into how people in different roles perceived the benefits and challenges of flexible working arrangements and what would be important to themselves. These conversations focussed on the possibilities of where, when, and how long we worked for in the future. As a result of engaging Flexibility Works we believe we have a richer picture of what would make a difference to the organisation, our teams and individual employees. Flexibility Works are now assisting us in working out what is possible to practically achieve and the processes we should undertake to ensure that we develop our new ways of approaching our work in collaboration with colleagues. Critical to the success of our partnership with Flexibility Works was their commitment to understanding the organisations business, what were the outcomes the organisation wanted to achieve and ensuring all colleagues views were heard.”

– Ian Williams, Project Development Lead, C-Change

“Linking with Flexibility Works has been such an important part of our journey to developing our approach to Flexible Working. They have provided support encouragement and a gentle nudge when needed, enabling us to identify the working culture we want and need for Lanarkshire Carers going forward. We are really looking forward to our continued relationship with Flexibility Works, a dedicated and knowledge team who are helping us to make sure that Lanarkshire Carers continues to be a great place to work.”

– Barbara McAuley, CEO, Lanarkshire Carers

“I have worked alongside Nikki, Lisa (and team) for over 4 years. During that time they have been generous in their support, wise with the advice they have given, a pleasure to work with and have added huge value to our organisation.

“Their understanding of the policy agenda in Scotland and the UK, their knowledge of how flexible working can be utilised across all sectors and the ability to turn that into practical support for us is impressive to say the least. This has helped our organisation become a sector leader in practice, enhanced our employee offer and enabled us to deliver even better outcomes to disabled people.

“More recently their support has allowed ILF Scotland to pivot to a new reality in light of COVID-19 without any negative disruption to the way we do business. I look forward to working with Flexibility Works in the near future.”

– Harvey Tilley, Chief Operating Officer, Independent Living Fund Scotland

“Inspire reached out to Flexibility Works during the pandemic to support our organisation navigate return to office and hybrid working. They have been hugely helpful in providing their experience they have gained in the care and other sectors and supporting us with our policies, practical side, training and strategic thinking in a complex change process to hybrid working. We found them to be excellent to work with, knowledgeable and friendly supporting us through the journey. We recommend them for any organisation grappling with this change.”


– Linda Gray, CEO, Inspire

“The team at Flexibility Works are so knowledgeable and passionate about their topic and are always there to provide really good best-practice guidance. Since working with Flexibility Works, we’ve had the opportunity to get involved with a great community of like-minded businesses and we hope we’ve managed to impart some of our own knowledge along the way to any companies that are unsure about flexible working. Aside from the business benefits, we just enjoy working with the Flexibility Works team – they are such lovely people and lots of fun – they genuinely care about what they are doing and it shows”.

– Pamela Mundt, Quorum Network Resources

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