Go Flex Programme

This programme is for businesses getting started on establishing and developing their approach to flexible working. Working closely with your leadership team and employees, we will help you to discover where your organisation is now in relation to flexible working, where you want to go, and how to get there, as well as identifying the benefits of greater flex for your specific organisation.

Go Flex is our flagship employer programme designed to help your organisation move forward on your journey to achieving an exemplar flexible working culture.

The Go Flex Programme will specifically:

Give you clarity about where your organisation is right now on its journey to having a brilliant flexible working culture by exploring your business, your culture and your people through the lens of flexibility.
Confirm where you want to go including the opportunities flex will offer your organisation
Clarify how you are going to get there, integrating with your wider organisational ambitions and strategic goals.
Help you create a high-level plan, specific to your organisation, to get you to where you want to be in relation to flexible working.

Go Flex is the first stage of your journey to creating an exemplar flexible working culture

The Go Flex Journey



We consult with you to understand your unique needs



We suggest how we can partner together to meet those needs



We review our proposal together to make sure it’s right for you and deepen our knowledge of your business


Flex Check Workshop

We engage your senior team as key ambassadors for the Go Flex programme


Listen-In! Employee Insights Survey

We gather views and ideas from your employees about flexible working


Listen-In! Employee Focus Groups

We work with selected groups to deepen our insight


Flex Insights Report

We produce a report of the insights gathered and make recommendations


Flex Insights Workshop

We regroup with your senior team to review the findings, recommendations and agree next steps


Let’s Go! Implementation meeting

We meet with your Flex Go Champion/s to agree the high-level implementation plan

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Roll Out!

Your roll out – we can stay close to help ensure an effective roll out as coach and/or to lead specific tasks.

Roll Out!

Your roll out – we can stay close to help ensure an effective roll out as coach and/or to lead specific tasks.

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Go Flex FAQs

What size of organisation is Go Flex aimed at?

Go Flex can be tailored for any size of organisation. However, if your organisation has under 30 people we will deliver a modified version of Go Flex for you, which will be reflected in our pricing.  

What is the cost of Go Flex?

The cost will reflect the sort of business you are, with specific terms for charities, non-profits and social enterprises. As a social enterprise ourselves, any and all profits we generate our reinvested into helping more people in Scotland experience better-work life harmony through more flexible ways of working. There will be price options for you based on virtual or face to face meetings.

How long does Go Flex take to complete?

The average time it takes an organisation to go through the programme is 3 months. We would work with you at the very beginning to set out clear timelines.

What happens after Go Flex?

The final stage of Go Flex is an implementation meeting. In this session, we partner with your Go Flex champion/s and/or project sponsor/s to convert our recommendations into a high-level project plan, which will enable you to roll out flexible and new ways of working into your organisation in the most simple and successful way. From here you may wish to roll out your flex change programme using internal resource or we can support you to ensure an effective roll-out either as a coach and/or to lead specific projects e.g. designing a comms plan, chairing a working group, line manager training etc. We will also continue to keep you connected to the latest thought leadership developments and our Flexible Working Community for Change.

Is Go Flex an accreditation?

Go Flex is not an official accreditation, but given the increasing request from funders and investors for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to fair and flexible work – highlighting you have completed the Go Flex programme would help show your organisation is commitment to flexible working. Go Flex is the only programme of its kind in Scotland.

Until we started the Go Flex programme flexible working had been some uncontextualized, abstract thing. Flexibility Works educated me and our wider team about what flexible working can look like, and importantly what the views of our people are on it. The final report is something I’ve used, and referred back to, for every discussion and decision we’ve made around flexible working since. It really did start our journey and spark our commitment by showing us very tangibly how greater flexible working could exist in – and benefit – our manufacturing business.

John Cameron

CEO, CB Technology

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