Finding Your Flex Workshop

Flexible working can be the difference to someone working or not working, between having a ‘good’ job or ‘any’ job. 87% of people who are not working in Scotland but seeking to return to work say flexible working is important. Building on our vast professional and personal experience of flexible working we created this workshop to help people understand more about flexible working and most importantly where and how to the access flexible working they need in their lives.

Who is this workshop aimed at:

The workshop is designed for people who want to understand more about flexible working and how to find a flexible job. In particular it is aimed at people who are looking to return to work, for example women returners – but it works for any groups of people who need flexible working for any reason such as disability, mental health, wellbeing, caring, etc. The half day workshop, delivered by one of our dedicated team members, will be tailored to meet the needs of participants and can be delivered online or face to face. Charities, employability providers, local authorities etc can commission us to deliver this workshop as part of their wider programme of support.


Topics include:

Flex in Scotland right now
The different types of flex
Knowing your rights in relation to flex
Where to find flexible jobs and employers
Thinking through the flex you need/want
Having the flex working conversation with an employer


“Nikki and the team at Flexibility Works delivered an in-depth knowledge of flexible working to over 100 women who took part in our government funded Career Boost Scotland Programme. Through 2-hour workshops Flexibility Works shared advice, insight and best practice to women who were looking to return to work after an extended career break. The Flexibility Works team helped the participants gain confidence and clarity in positioning conversations regarding flexible working needs with potential employers. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Flexibility Works in our new Career Boost Programme.”

Hazel Little, Women Returners

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