Bespoke Consultancy

We are here to help your organisation by offering bespoke support to help you achieve your flexible working goals – whatever they might be. You might need help to address a specific challenge, explore an opportunity, implement a change programme or bring about cultural change. We will work with you to create a programme of support that meets your needs.

While we understand the common challenges around flexible working, and how to overcome them we also know that no two organisations are at the same stage when it comes to flexible working and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution. This means we will design a completely bespoke programme of support drawing on our vast experience of flexible working.
The sort of change projects we engage in include:

Supporting the roll out of hybrid working
Supporting the feasibility and roll out of a 4-day working week
Working with individual teams to identify their unique opportunities for flexible working
Supporting the introduction of flexible job design and flexible recruitment
Coaching support for senior leaders implementing change


“Inspire reached out to Flexibility Works during the pandemic to support our organisation navigate return to office and hybrid working. They have been hugely helpful in providing their experience they have gained in the care and other sectors and supporting us with our policies, practical side, training and strategic thinking in a complex change process to hybrid working. We found them to be excellent to work with, knowledgeable and friendly supporting us through the journey. We recommend them for any organisation grappling with this change.”

Linda Gray

CEO, Inspire

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