Our Purpose

Enriching people’s lives by transforming the way we work

Our Vision

Creating a working culture that truly values work life harmony, enabling all people and businesses to thrive

Our Mission

To accelerate the adoption of flexible and new ways of working in Scotland, by sharing advice, insight and best practice, which improves business success, employee engagement and wellbeing

What We Do

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What We Do

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Our Values


  1. We are mission-driven and prioritise wellbeing and work life harmony for all
  2. With a creative mindset, we offer a safe, enjoyable space for all our customers, colleagues and employers
  3. We are curious and take time to understand your story and deliver customised solutions
  4. We build relationships and bring people together to collaborate and share best practice
  5. We take action by rolling up our sleeves and getting stuff done
  6. We care deeply about equality, justice and improving people’s lives

We Are Also Members And Supporters Of:

Living Wage Employer
Wellbeing Economy Alliance