This is not normal!

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I'm a flexible working believer! I've encountered many non-believers in my career, but I passionately believe, when implemented properly and fairly it leads to better results for the business and for the individual.

The current version of flexible working, or should I say home-working (there is a difference) being enforced in homes all over the UK, is not what I'm referring to.

Speaking to friends and colleagues, and thinking about my own situation at home, I realise that the non-believers out there are likely to become more convinced that this doesn't work.

That's why it's important to point something out, here and now. This is not normal! Working at home while simultaneously dealing with childcare: partners' schedules, colleague's schedules, colleagues' partner's schedules and trying to carve out half an hour when you can all manage to catch up on Zoom is not flexible working.

The current COVID-19 global health crisis has placed people in enforced home-working situations. Where normal rules apply, people would have the flexibility to chose when to work from home, or the office and wouldn't have to think about the needs of everyone else in the household. Under normal circumstances, they would be at work, school, nursery and not jumping all over your laptop!

On the other hand, while businesses and employees around the work adapt to this new way of working we could start to see a positive shift in working culture in a post pandemic world.

We often hear employers raise concerns about flexible working and how it's not the right fit for their business. While very few things about the current situation could be described as positive, it's possible that some of the non-believers may shift their thinking as a result of where we are now. If more flexibility for workers turned out to be the legacy of the COVID-19 health crisis, perhaps there is a silver lining to all of this.

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