Employers don't need to guilt trip employee generations back into the office

While commentators - including UK Government ministers - have publicly encouraged older workers to return to the office to help train younger workers, and suggested that younger workers will get on better in their careers if they work physically side-by-side with more experienced colleagues, what employees actually want to do has been overlooked.

Supporting employee mental health and wellbeing with flex

The pandemic has brought mental health and wellbeing to the fore with many employers thinking more directly about employee wellbeing and how this affects performance.

CIPD: Working Lives Scotland Report

This week, CIPD announced the findings of their Working Lives Scotland report which builds on the work carried out by the CIPD over the last few years in our UK Working Lives survey. The report provided a unique snapshot of job quality in Scotland and is based around Scotland’s five Fair Work dimensions. It analyses employment essentials, the day-to-day experienced realities of work and the impact on people’s lives.

Flexibility Works & Business Gateway: Full Flexible Working Reccomendation

We have been working on something exciting... Alongside Business Gateway, we have produced a full recommendation of not only what businesses can expect, but what businesses can to during what is set to be a seismic change in the country's business landscape.