Flexibility Works & Business Gateway: Full Flexible Working Reccomendation

We have been working on something exciting... Alongside Business Gateway, we have produced a full recommendation of not only what businesses can expect, but what businesses can to during what is set to be a seismic change in the country's business landscape.

Check out the guide here. Our Head of Partnerships Geraldine Higgins has created a comprehensive report that looks at:

  • The benefits of flexible working
  • Insights from previous cynics who have become believers
  • Best working practice
  • Challenges & Risks
  • Business considerations for managers in the new world of work

We want to help you throughout this time, remember you can contact us at if there's anything you'd like do discus in this space (big or small!)

Thanks to Business Gateway for highlighting the conversation and inviting us to work alongside you on this to ensure we build back Scotland's economy in a way that works for us all.