CIPD: Working Lives Scotland Report

This week, CIPD announced the findings of their Working Lives Scotland report which builds on the work carried out by the CIPD over the last few years in our UK Working Lives survey. The report provided a unique snapshot of job quality in Scotland and is based around Scotland’s five Fair Work dimensions. It analyses employment essentials, the day-to-day experienced realities of work and the impact on people’s lives.

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As it is a central ethos of "good" work at CIPD, flexible working was given a deep dive and illuminated the following findings:

  • There are quite notable differences in the availability of flexible working between the public and private sectors, with greater availability in the public sector overall.
  • The findings show a significant gender difference in the usage of reduced hours, which may be due to caring responsibilities.
  • Over half of all employees report good informal flexibility in their jobs, with 58% saying they would find it easy to take time off for personal or family matters. The survey found a direct correlation with salary bands – employees in better paid jobs reported more informal flexibility.
  • Those who work flexibly are more likely to be enthusiastic about their job (60% vs 40% of those who don’t work flexibly), are more likely to be satisfied with their job (72% vs 64%) and are more likely to be satisfied with their life (73% vs 63%).

For the full version, please follow this link to read more on CIPD's website.