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Case Study: Zurich Insurance Group

Focusing on employee wellbeing is ‘just the right thing to do’ says Pauline White, real estate analyst at Zurich Insurance Group and chair of the Women’s Inclusion Network.

The firm is already well-known for its flexible and family friendly ways of working, and wellbeing is another strand of its culture to support employees to be their best.

How we’ve supported our people

During lockdowns, Zurich provided a series of webinars to promote wellbeing for staff working from home. One was delivered by BUPA about physical activity. Others focused on mental health, nutrition, resilience and sleep.

A wellbeing online hub offers a range of information and materials to boost wellbeing including free access to a meditation and sleep app.

Line managers have been trained how to spot if someone in their team is feeling very stressed, and the different ways they could support them.

Flexible working is available for everyone. Jobs are advertised as flexible and employees are empowered to work when, where and how suits them best and delivers for customers.

Zurich has trained dozens of Mental Health First Aiders who are available for staff to speak to about professional and personal issues. During lockdown, the Mental Health First Aiders held virtual sessions to introduce themselves, or remind staff, they were available to help.

The insurance provider also has a team of ‘inclusion allies’ – members of staff who are independent from HR and are specialists in supportingcolleagues with equality, diversity and inclusion issues or queries.

Zurich has multiple employee networks that provide peer support through real and virtual events and conversations. Networks include one for women, one called CAN (cultural awareness network), one called Pride for LGBT colleagues and another for focusing on accessibility and inclusion.

Employees can access six hours of free and confidential counselling support.


Pauline said: “As an employer we have a duty to look after our people. They are our greatest asset and their effort is what makes the business a success or failure. If someone’s worried about how they’re going to collect their children on time, or they’re struggling with menopause symptoms, or they’ve lost a loved one, they’re going to find it much harder to concentrate and do their best work. It makes absolute sense for us to help them if we possibly can. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Wellbeing wonders

Employee feedback shows that the majority of our people (70%) felt supported during the pandemic, both by their managers and the package of support on offer from Zurich.

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