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Case Study: Flexible working while caring

Peter and Amy Lawson were both working flexibly before the pandemic using a combination of compressed or part-time hours and occasional home working to help Amy manage living with multiple sclerosis.

Peter is a business analyst for Natwest and Amy works for the Scottish Government. They live in Edinburgh.

Like many people, the couple have been working from home almost exclusively since the pandemic arrived.

While coronavirus has presented challenges, increased flexible working has been good for them.

Peter, 49, said: “For Amy it means she doesn’t have to travel to the office and that helps reduce fatigue. And I can stop for 10 minutes when the carers come in each day to help or catch up. I’m also around to help Amy with anything she needs and to get to medical appointments.

“But we’ve also been able to get a dog – a greyhound called Snowflake - which has been our dream for many years but wasn’t possible when we were both out all day. It makes such a difference taking the dog for walks, or just sitting and stroking her if something’s preying on your mind.

“Amy had her first day of sick in 16 months just before Christmas because she got Covid. And for me, I feel the last few years have actually been the best ever in terms of stress, anxiety and time off ill.

“I know working from home doesn’t suit everybody. But for us, it’s been perfect. We do enjoy going to the office and we will continue to go when there’s a good reason. Luckily our employers feel the same, so most of the time you’ll find us working at home - and happier and healthier for it.”

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