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Case Study: Flex after a stroke

Heather Melville-Hume, 46, a stroke survivor from Inverness who now lives in the Scottish Borders, works full-time hours mostly from home, which helps manage her disability.

Heather is a senior HR manager for the Independent Living Fund (ILF) Scotland, a public body that supports disabled people live independently.

She said: “My body might be a bit broken but my brain functions just fine. Working from home most of the time is ideal. I don’t lose time commuting to the office, which can also be tiring, and I can work around appointments, or take a break, if I need to and finish tasks later.

“My employer has trust and confidence in my ability to get the job done while being mindful of the all-important ‘life balance’ we all need. All employees get asked what they need to be their best. It was a real adjustment when I arrived at how flexible I can be and ILF Scotland wants everyone to be. But the trust and confidence pays off because we have such an engaged, loyal and motivated team of amazing people.

“The anxiety I experience as a disabled person can be overwhelming at times so to find a professional opportunity where I can make a contribution and have the opportunity to add real value is as reassuring as it is rewarding.”

Heather joined ILF Scotland in July 2021. She usually works in the office in Livingston once a week, travelling by train and taxi.

She said: “Professionally it’s great to see and speak to my colleagues but it’s equally important personally for me to travel independently and it’s made a real difference to my mental health and wellbeing.”

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