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Case Study: Copylab

Rachel Barrack, 34, from Glasgow, works full-time as an investment copywriter for international financial communications agency Copylab.

Copylab encouraged Rachel to flex her hours when she first joined the company three years ago, compressing full-time hours into fewer days to give her more space to write her Masters dissertation.

And then she got her Border Collie, Choire, which sparked an interest in the breed and helping rescue and re-home other dogs.

Rachel said: “Border Collies are very intelligent and need lots of mental and physical stimulation. Some people get them as pets and then feel they can’t cope. There are lots who need re-homing.

“I joined a charity group called Protecting Preloved Border Collies and began helping with home-checks for potential new owners, and interviewing them about their motivations to make sure they understood what would be involved. Now I sometimes help transport dogs to their new homes too.

“Before the pandemic, I might finish early one day and work from home the next to help me fit in the voluntary work. Now we’re all mainly working from home but I still flex my hours if I need to. I’m sensible about it. I know there are certain days and weeks that are pinch points for work, and I avoid these.

“My manager trusts me to manage my workload. Sometimes I start very early at 5.30am, so I can get everything done and finish early, which means I can fit in the voluntary work when needed.

“Other days, my own dog is a brilliant reminder and incentive for me to take a break and get outside. Work can be really busy and I can be sat at my computer for hours. Especially in lockdown, when we couldn’t see anyone, I had a tendency to work too much. But then I’d look at Choire and realise we both needed some fresh air and exercise. I always come back from a walk more refreshed and focused. She’s been brilliant for my wellbeing.

“I enjoy my job. But having my own dog helps me balance work and life better, and my voluntary works gives me a real sense of satisfaction in knowing I am helping dogs, who might otherwise have a difficult future, to find the homes they need. Without flexible working, this wouldn’t be possible.”

About Copylab
Copylab is an international financial communications agency specialising in investment writing. It employs more than 80 worldwide and works with clients such as BlackRock, Columbia Threadneedle, HSBC GAM and BNY Mellon Investment Managers.

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