Lack of flexible working in job adverts could undo Covid ‘silver lining’ for workers with health conditions

May 17: Read our latest blog post about how the lack of flexible working in job adverts could undo Covid ‘silver lining’ for workers with health conditions on the Flexibility Works blog.

FlexForLife 2022 is out now

Mar 23: The Flexibility Works FlexForLife 2022 report is now published! Watch our highlights video or download the full report now to learn more about flexible working in Scotland in 2022.

Isle of Barra Distillers Introduces Four Day Working Week

Mar 18: Find out the benefits a 4-day working week is bringing to the whole team at the Isle of Barra Distillers on the Flexibility Works blog.

Fewer than 3 in 10 jobs in Scotland are advertised as flexible

Feb 23: Fewer than 3 in 10 jobs in Scotland are advertised as flexible - why are recruiters so reluctant to talk about flexible working? Read our latest blog post on Flexibility Works to find out more.

We are hiring!

Jan 31: We are looking for a Learning & Development Lead to join our team! Could this be you?

Frontline workers deserve flexible working too

Jan 10: As we begin another year with working from home guidance still firmly in place, we’re encouraging Scottish employers to explore all forms of flexible working, and for all sorts of workers in 2022.

Why it’s essential to support line managers right now

Dec 6: Almost two thirds of Scottish employers are offering no extra support or training to line managers despite Covid-related changes. Read now on Flexibility Works.

A Legal Perspective - The UK Government's Flexible Working Consultation Explained

Dec 2: Learn more about some of the key proposals in the consultation, identifying both the potential benefits and limitations of these on the Flexibility Works blog.

A 4-Day Working Week in Practice

Nov 4: Looking back on our recent 4-Day Working Week Round Table

Flexible working could help businesses achieve climate goals too

Oct 29: We explore the benefits of flexible working and how it can help businesses achieve their climate change goals on the Flexibility Works blog.

Flexibility Works team up with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce on Hybrid Working

Jun 30: We team up with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce to discuss Hybrid Working...and you can join us!

Can Hybrid Working be Inclusive?

Jun 28: Some thoughts on hybrid working from our Co-Founder, Lisa Gallagher

We are hiring!

Jun 9: job advert for Head of Research, Evidence and Insight

We are hiring!

May 4

Flexibility Works join the Living Wage movement

Apr 27

Why talk about flex in recruitment?

Apr 21: Insights into why talking about flex during recruitment is important

#FlexForLife Campaign Launches!

Mar 23

Join us as we announce Scotland's Top 10 Flexible Employers

Feb 24

Deadline extension announced!

Jan 7

Flexibility Works Employer Awards 2020

Nov 23: flexibility works employer awards launch video

National Flexible Working Survey: Have Your Say

Nov 5

Could flex save our workforce?

Oct 26

Launching Flexibility Works

Oct 2

Flexibility for working parents is essential - trying to be your best work and at home?

Sep 13

Flexible Working in Spaces & Places

Aug 5

Disability, Not inability: Finding flex to help manage health conditions

Jul 15

Online Tutorial: Adopting flexible and remote working into your business

Jul 4

EMPLOYERS: Navigating Where We Are Now

Jul 4

Involve>Evolve: Our Speakers Announced

Jun 27

CIPD: Working Lives Scotland Report

Jun 18

Flexibility Works & Business Gateway: Full Flexible Working Reccomendation

Jun 16: flexible working and covid-19

Flexible working is crucial for Scotland's economic recovery

May 25

Real Life: Enforced home working and family life

May 14

Out of a hard time, comes good news

Apr 21

Welcome to Flexibility Works

Apr 14: Watch our video about Flexibility Works, a new social business co-founded by Lisa Gallagher and Nikki Slowey, two of Scotland's leading experts in flexible working.

Express insights from business leaders about adapting to a home working workforce

Apr 14: Recorded just this week, hear directly from business leaders who have many years’ collective experience in leading home workers.

Combining old skills with new skills … including penalty kicks

Apr 8: Trace Peckett, a friend of ours, is an experienced senior leader, specialising in change management within global institutions. However, like all of us, Trace is finding her new normal.

Could coronavirus be the great catalyst for business transformation?

Apr 8: An interesting read in Forbes magazine which argues that while we have ‘talked’ about accelerated business change for many years, actual transformation has been, paradoxically, slow. That is, until now.

This is not normal!

Apr 7: I'm a flexible working believer! I've encountered many non-believers in my career, but I passionately believe, when implemented properly and fairly it leads to better results for the business and for the individual.