Hybrid Working: A Guide for Managers

Hybrid Working Guide For Managers Flexibility Works

Hybrid working: a guide for managers from Flexibility Works

This straightforward and practical guide for managers provides the information you need about how to approach hybrid working in your organisation. It sets out the steps you need to follow, to take you from feeling that hybrid is something you ought to know more about, to planning and then to implementation. It will help you establish a hybrid working framework, rather than provide you with an off-the-shelf policy – although we do provide examples of what a policy should include and how you might word it, based on examples we have seen from other employers.

It has two sections.

What you need to do, and things to think about explains what hybrid working is, and how it relates to flexible working. It provides guidance and planning checklists to support you step by step to

Section two provides sample wording for you to develop into your own policies, frameworks and employee guidance, covering:


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