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Flexible working is not a new concept. However, the workplace effects of Covid have forced us to rethink how, when and where we work. For business and their people alike, this may be new territory altogether. For some, it may be a small tweak to be made in order to get the best from your people or for staff to make adjustments to the new world of work whatever their circumstances may be. We have two options: For managers and for employees.

1. for managers

- What are the benefits of flexible working?
- What makes a job flexible?
- What makes flex such a powerful way of working?
- Job design & team protocols
- Managing your team & practical advice

2. for employees

- Why work flexibly?
- What are the different kinds of flexible working?
- What are your rights?
- Working out what you want and need
- How to start the conversation, practical tips and how to make it work in real-life


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