What does hybrid working look like in Scotland?

What does hybrid working look like in Scotland? - Flexibility Works
If you believe the media headlines, hybrid working is on its way out. But we prefer hard data to headlines, and the data says hybrid is well used and well liked in Scotland.

We surveyed 1,005 Scottish office workers in July 2023 and 71% are currently offered some form of hybrid working and 60% are using it. Far from being on its way out, hybrid really is the new normal for office-based workers, and the impact on office use is not as severe as some say, with nearly three quarters (72%) of all Scottish office workers spending at least three days a week in the office.

This short report runs through our hard data on where workers in Scotland are actually working, what they’ve been asked to do by their employer and how they feel about that, as well as the impact hybrid working is having on their sense of connection and company culture. Finally, we report on what workers think the office is useful for.

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