How We Work Now – The Enduring Impact of Covid Lockdown on Flexible Working

How We Work Now - Sarah Jackson

Our senior associate Sarah Jackson OBE has produced in-depth research with Scottish employers on the lasting legacy of Covid lockdown on current ways of working.

The report explores the differences in how organisations are working and how the employers are responding to new tensions between the expectations of the individual and the needs of the collective, leading to questions around fairness, choice and control, and use of time. 

Sarah considers the cultural challenges identified in the interviews, particularly around what makes a strong organisational culture and how to ensure employee connectedness even in more dispersed teams.  She also looks at mixed opinions around performance, alongside shared agreement about the importance of the role of managers. Finally, after analysing all responses, Sarah reflect on the experiences of the 11 employers since the first lockdown began in March 2020 and makes recommendations for action that we hope will be helpful to leaders, HR and diversity heads and to managers who are currently learning to retune work in their organisations.

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