Flex on the Frontline 2022

FlexForLife 2022 Flexibility Works

Our primary Flex for Life 2022 report covered all aspects of flexible working in Scotland. This shorter ‘in focus’ report looks in detail at flexible working in frontline roles. The aim of this short ‘in focus’ report is to equip you with our latest research findings on how Scottish frontline workers are currently working, and what they would like – and think might be possible – in the future. As well as the latest information on what some employers of frontline workers are doing right now, and planning for the future.

Capturing the views of business leaders, workers and also those seeking employment, FlexForLife 2022 is digestible yet packed full of up to date stats about:

  • Who is working flexibly in Scotland and who is not, who wants to work flexibly and what sort of flex people are looking for.
  • What employers think the future looks like in relation to the flex and the benefits they believe it will bring.

Our report also has plenty of practical ideas and top tips to help employers truly embed flexible working in 2022.

Download it now: