Our Research

What does hybrid working look like in Scotland? - Flexibility Works

This short report runs through our hard data on where workers in Scotland are actually working, what they’ve been asked to do by their employer and how they feel about that, as well as the impact hybrid working is having on their sense of connection and company culture. 

Date: November 2023

How We Work Now - Sarah Jackson

Our senior associate Sarah Jackson OBE has produced in-depth research with Scottish employers on the lasting legacy of Covid lockdown on current ways of working.

Date: November 2023

Flex For Life 2023

Welcome to our third annual Flex for Life report, the most comprehensive analysis of flexible working in Scotland right now, with tips to help employers truly embed flexible working in 2023.

Date: May 2023

Beyond Hybrid

This short whitepaper sets out of our latest research with 662 Scottish workers, and shows how critical flexible working is – in all its forms – for many people to enter work, stay in work and progress at work.

Date: February 2023

Hybrid Working in Scotland What it looks like now

We’ve published a short white paper outlining our latest research on what hybrid working currently looks like in Scotland, along with data-driven insights on how to get the best from it.

Date: September 2022

Flex in Lower-Income Roles - Flexibility Works

We interviewed eight people, currently working in lower-income roles in Scotland, with a view to gaining understanding of their working lives and how flex can work for them, to identify the benefits and challenges of implementing more flex in their roles.

Date: August 2022

Literature Review - Flexibility Works

Many people report feeling hesitant to request FW as they feel discriminated against or have experienced poor career outcomes. Through the lit review, the mechanisms behind flexibility stigma will be investigated.

Date: August 2022

Flex on the Frontline

Find out what flexible working looks like currently for frontline workers and what they want for the future.

Date: July 2022

FlexForLife 2022 Flexibility Works

Find out what flexible working in 2022 looks like in Scotland as we emerge from the pandemic.

Date: March 2022


In partnership with Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS), we explore working parents’ experiences of flexible working.

Date: December 2021

FlexForLife 2021 Flexibility Works

Find out what flexible working in 2021 looks like in Scotland as we emerge from the pandemic. Your essential guide to flexible working in Scotland after the pandemic.

Date: March 2021