Flexible Leadership Workshop

Flexible leadership – a workshop for leaders to agree the vision for flexible working

This facilitated session has been crafted to support business leaders with developing a clear vision for flexible working.

76% of employers recognise that an element of home working will remain as we move forward from Covid. (FlexforLife, 2020)

Whether you make the move to go fully remote or opt for hybrid working, there is now a need to set the parameters for how managers and colleagues will interact day-to-day and measure business performance and productivity.

Flexible working, in all its forms has the potential to benefit your people and enhance the productivity of your organisation, but only with a clear vision of flex supported by coherent guidelines.

We can support multiple sessions as part of a company-wide flexible working strategy roll out, or work with larger groups.

This facilitated workshop covers:

Knowledge outcomes:

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“Our initial visioning session was really useful as it allowed the Board to understand a little more about what is happening with other organisations and provided us with the time to discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities it could bring to Fife Housing Group.

The subsequent Board session was very interactive and was extremely positive giving the Board the opportunity to agree a basic framework to move forward with a flexible approach that was in line with the vision and values of the organisation.”

Nicki Donaldson, CEO Fife Housing Association