Flexibility Works Programme

Flexibility Work Programme

For employers looking to develop a more flexible working culture, we offer a range of business support options including:

Flex> Check

A facilitated visioning exercise for your key decision makers, designed to help identify where the organisation is on the flexibility journey, reaching agreement on your shared vision for flexible working. We will report back on; Where you are now, Vision for Flex, Benefits and Opportunities and Barriers and challenges. The goal is to establish buy in from key decision makers, establish a common goal and link flexible working to your strategic objectives.

Flex> Insights

Capturing the voices of your employees; their needs, expectations, challenges and solutions around flexible working. Design and execution of:​

  • Employee engagement survey on future ways of working ​
  • Facilitated employee focus groups
  • Presentation of research insights to decision makers including analysis of key issues and practical recommendations to progress with developing your approach to flexible working
  • Bespoke set of guiding principles for your organisation
  • Discussion about next steps for working together i.e. Project Plan and Training options

Change Planning

We can design and deliver a Project Plan including tailored support solutions, such as:​

  • Training and coaching for managers to help them embed flexible/hybrid working ​
  • Business case sessions with leadership teams to ensure buy in at the top of the organisation
  • Communication plans and awareness sessions for employees, the help embed flexible working
  • Pilot projects to test flexible ways of working
  • 'Flexathon' sessions to lead teams to find their own effective flexible ways of working
  • Support to establish employee networks for example; parents, remote workers etc

Our Workshops

If you're looking for a lighter touch option, we offer workshops to equip decision makers and people managers with the skills and knowledge they need to confidently roll out flexible working in their organisation. Explore our workshops below:

Want more information on any of the options listed above? Get in touch hello@flexibilityworks.org