Business case studies

Case Study: Tech firm Administrate’s 4-day working week

Some real life experience of a 4-day working week

Case Study: Isle of Barra Distillers’ 4-day working week for wellbeing

Great to hear from Isle of Barra distillery on their 4-day working week

Case study: Flex on the frontline with Flexible Childcare Services Scotland

Flex is not just for office-based roles

Case study: How job-sharing helps us work better and balance our lives at home

How job share can help employees work better and find the right balance with homelife

Case Study: Joining Arnold Clark with virtual recruitment and hybrid onboarding

Some great examples on how to recruit flexibly

case study: flex and fatherhood

Flexible working can help with work life harmony

Case Study: Flex after a stroke

How flexible working can enable people to join or stay in work while managing a disability

Case study: Flex after cancer

Looking at how flexible working can help when faced with illness

Case Study: Flexible working while caring

Some insights into the benefit of flexible working while being a carer

Case Study: Centrica

Embedding greater flex and supporting line managers

Case Study: Scottish Enterprise

Supporting line managers with more flexibly working teams

Case Study: Copylab

Case Study on flexible working and a furry friend

Case Study: employers don't need to guilt trip employee generations back into the office

Case Study: supporting employee mental health and wellbeing with flex

Case Study: Zurich Insurance Group

Some insights from Zurich Insurance Group on how focusing on employee wellbeing is 'just the right thing to do'

Case Study: PODFather

Case Study from PODFather discussing the importance of wellbeing and flexible working

Increasing flexible working options for care workers

Case study from Community Integrated Care on how they have rolled out 4 day week

case study: Inspire

A great example from Inspire on how flexible working can make work/life balance easier

Virtual onboarding – how to get it right?

Case study on how to handle recruitment and on-boarding while working remotely

Case Study: The Open University in Scotland

Some insights from The Open University in Scotland on flexible working before and during Covid

Case Study: Fife Council

Some insights from Fife Council on their flexible working before and during Covid

Case Study: City Building

Some insights from City Building LLP on flexible working before and after Covid

Case Study: Brewin Dolphin

Some insights from Brewin Dolphin on their flexible working before and during Covid

Case Study: ILF Scotland

Some insights from ILF Scotland on their flexible working before and during Covid