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The way we work was already changing before COVID-19. Now more and more businesses see that flexible working is here to stay, and for employers, it’s the smart move. Flexible working helps to improve business performance and resilience and ensures employees feel valued and motivated.

Through these awards, we want to hear practical examples from organisations with a workforce in Scotland, of how flexible working is helping to make their organisation a progressive, flexible employer of choice.

This could be as simple as offering flexibility for all, or a pilot project such as a 4-day working week, or a specific change you have made to resolve a business issue such as recruiting flexibly, or piloting flex in a hard to reach sector such as care.

Before you begin the entry form, we recommend you take a look at the questions first in order to make sure you have all the information you need. The entry form cannot be downloaded or saved so it’s a good idea to create a draft copy to refer back to. If you begin an entry, but do not complete it, we may use your information to contact you and offer support with this process.

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Section 1: Your Flexible working culture pre-covid lockdown i.e Pre March 2020

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Section 2: Your Flexible working culture during covid lockdown i.e from March 2020

Section 3: Your Future Flexible Working Culture