About Us

We’re Scotland’s leading experts in working flexibly.

With a practical and creative approach, we support employers to develop more flexible workplaces – a win-win for their people and their organisation.

We are also leading commentators on flexible working in Scotland.

We work closely with the Scottish Government and policy makers to drive forward this agenda.

Flexible Working

Our Story

Flexibility Works is a social business, co-founded by two of Scotland’s leading experts in Flexible Working – Lisa Gallagher and Nikki Slowey.

Between us, we have vast experience of working directly with employers in Scotland around flexible working. We also have experience of working in senior roles within different sectors and setting up and running organisations.

Flexibility Works is our way of harnessing our energy, knowledge and passion to support more employers than ever before to move their dial on flexible working. Our approach is human, professional and practical.

We have worked with large and small organisations across different sectors to create working culture change.

As a social organisation, part of our mission is to add value for employers free of charge, supporting lower income workers to balance their work and home life.

Working flexibly is not only good for employers and people, it has the power to address deep-rooted, societal and economic issues like poverty, inequality, and the health and wellbeing of our nation.

As two mums of six boys, it is our personal and professional mission to change working culture in Scotland, creating a more fair and flexible way that will benefit workers not only today but our children’s generation and generations to come.

Nikki & Lisa Flexibility Works

We Are Also Members And Supporters Of:

Living Wage Employer
Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Our Funders & Supporters

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We are a Fair Work First Employer

We are proud to be a Fair Work First employer and sign up to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First criteria principles.

The Fair Work First criteria aligns with the dimensions of Fair Work, and are focused on:

  • providing a decent standard of living and income; 
  • offering security of contract, including hours and earnings; other entitlements including sick pay and pension;
  • fostering an environment where workers’ views are actively sought, listened to and can make a difference, including through a stronger role for trade unions;
  • giving opportunities for all to learn, develop and progress; 
  • creating a healthy and safe environment, where individuals’ wellbeing is actively supported;
  • enabling people to have a good work-life balance; 
  • supporting people to feel valued and respected and that they have a sense of purpose in work and wider society; and 
  • promoting innovation and productivity.