Meet the team

Nikki Slowey, Director and co-founder

Nikki Slowey

“A thriving economy and strong business resilience requires people who are adequately skilled, motivated and engaged. This can only be achieved when business embraces the multifaceted and interwoven aspects of people’s lives – our families, passions and interests.

“I would like to see a complete shake up the old-fashioned 9-5. I am all for innovation in how work is designed.”



Lisa Gallagher, Director and co-founder

Lisa Gallagher

“More and more, I hear friends and family talking about how they can balance their career with family responsibilities (whatever that looks like).

"I would like everyone to be able to fulfil their potential and be in a position to choose both a career and the home life they wish while not being held back. This is particularly true for women and something I care a lot about.

“More than ever, we need to be challenging the old-fashioned infrastructure of work being in a static location, full time. Working flexibly simply works better for all of us.”



Laura-Jane Clements, Business Support Manager

"In the past few years, I have realised how impactful flexibility at work can be. Whether it be part time work, condensed hours, job share or one of the many other ways employees and employers can work together to create a productive and inclusive work environment.

I am delighted to work with the team to help people navigate through these changing times and to realise their goal of a positive work life balance."


Jenny Legg, Press Manager

“There are stacks of evidence on the benefits of flexible working for people and for businesses. But I remember that it never, ever crossed my mind to work flexibly myself until it became impossible for me - as a new working mum – to get by without it.

“It was a revelation in what I could get done at work and at home.

“Similarly, I speak to employees and employers every week from all kinds of business sectors and walks of life who say flexible working is having a positive impact.

“But there are still people who feel, as I did, that flex isn’t relevant. We need to show them it is.”



Colleen Reid, Digital Marketing Manager

"Flexibility to me means a better work-life balance! From choosing when we work to choosing where we work, the constraints of the standard office-based 9-5 no longer appeal to many of us, myself included! Now more than ever before we're seeing the benefits flexible working can bring to a workforce and it's exciting to be a part of that!

This year is the first time I've worked flexibly and now I can't see past it. The evidence is there, the case studies are there, the real-life impact is there....the time to embrace flexible working is now!"


Chris Gourley, Head of Research, Evidence & Insights

“People’s working lives have a massive impact on their wellbeing. For example, evidence shows that working in roles that are respected, trusted and well supported leads to more positive mental health outcomes.

I am interested in generating evidence and learning that helps us better understand how flexible working in all its forms is evolving and how we might further this so that greater benefits are brought about for all involved, whilst demonstrating and measuring the impacts of greater, more authentic and widespread flex.”


Helen Denny, Learning & Development Lead

"Having never worked in a traditional 9-to-5 role, I know and appreciate the many benefits that flexible working can bring. It's this understanding that led me to be passionate about the changing nature of work and to the desire support others to succeed in a flexible, hybrid and remote world.

I feel privileged to now be in a role, where I can create and facilitate learning programmes for others to ensure they have all the tools and skills needed to be able to thrive within a flexible world of work."

Olivia Olivarius, Client Engagement & Development Lead

"As a mum I know the positive difference flexible working has on quality of life for families. However, everyone, no matter what their background, should have access to flexibility in their working life. Giving people a say in how, where and when they work goes a long way to creating happy and healthy workforces. I am interested in helping organisations create great flexible working cultures to improve outcomes for everyone."